… en geërfde hekellappe laat 13 998 oor.  

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Crochet adventures







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Life just seems to speed by in a blur. But there have been some good things since the school term started a month and a half ago.

Breakfast (French toast) with a friend to celebrate a milestone birthday.

The last hydrageas of the summer.

Book club at a vet’s house.

A friend who makes you a super sandwich.

A Sunday concert in the park: sun and music.

And I even managed a little bit of crochet…

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Courtyard makeover


Summer is here and I’ve had a mini-makeover for my courtyard. Removed all the plants and pots except a pair of geraniums, a bougainvillea and a few succulents.

Added a little table and two chairs I brought as a little gift to myself (with money I am still waiting for – where is our marking money, DoE????).

And some lemon thyme in the pot against the wall. Oh, some fairy lights too:


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Christmas crackers

So I saved some empty toiletrolls because I wanted to make some crackers for Christmas lunch myself.

The other ingredients were one drop of a set of curtains that were taken down a few years ago, some leftover chocolate balls and stars (leftover from other gift packages) and a few (cheap) silly things I bought at JA’s.

First things had to be evenly shared out between 8 guests. No silly hats but what would a Christmas cracker be without a silly and preferably annoying whistle? But look closer:

Tee hee.

I cut very sloppy squares from the old curtain – feeling so virtuous and green since I’m recycling here.

Stuffed the rolls with the bits and bobs and rolled them up in the material.

An extra hand would have helped at this point, but I made do with a peg or 2. Tied the ends with red ribbon bought when the a little habberdashery shop closed more than a year ago – 20c for 30m of ribbon!

Ta-dah! A quick project – about an hour – and it will look good on the table as part of our decorations.


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Summer Sunday

We had a beautiful Sunday – sun, light light breeze, blue sky with puffy white clouds. And it lasted the whole day. Of course, we paid for it today: very very windy Monday. But sitting in the garden on Sunday morning, reading and dreaming I was reminded of a poem.


Some keep the Sabbath going to church;
I keep it staying at home,
With a bobolink for a chorister,
And an orchard for a dome.

Some keep the Sabbath in surplice;
I just wear my wings,
And instead of tolling the bell for church,
Our little sexton sings.

God preaches, — a noted clergyman, —
And the sermon is never long;
So instead of getting to heaven at last,
I’m going all along!

There was no bobolink as in Emily’s garden. Much better: a hummingbird! I am serious! Has never seen one so close. What a tiny, ferocious, beautiful creature – was in awe.

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Ostrich (eggs, that is)

Here’s what I know about ostriches:

  • I am really afraid of them. True. Next to baboons, they are the wild animals I am sure to avoid. I like the graphic and iconic quality of ostriches – they are part of South Africa’s visual like aloes, proteas and windpompe. But I don’t like the real thing much. Those scary big nails and those mean beady eyes and those killer kicks. No thank you.
  • The little chicks are cute though. And I will never forget what an ostrich farmer once told me: “Baby ostriches are good Christians. They are always ready to go.” He was referring to how easily they die.
  • I don’t like their meat much. I have eaten an omelette (or rather part of it) made of 1 ostrich egg. I was small but I can still remember the excitement of the massive egg and eating it. Can’t remember what it tasted like, but the whole empty egg shells are truly amazing and beautiful.

So it was quite thrilling to break some ostrich eggs with some good friends and use them to mosaic wooden bowls.

The bowls are not completely finished yet – will remember to show the final results!