The Reader

Saw the movie featuring Kate Winslet, Ralph Fiennes and that amazing German boy last Saturday. So beautiful, well crafted, subtle and poignant (and the clothes were beautifully designed too!).

Then had to re-read the book.


“At first I wanted to write our story in order to be free of it. But the memories wouldn’t come back for that. Then I realized our story was slipping away from me and I wanted to recapture it by writing, but that didn’t coax up the memories either. For the last few years I’ve left our story alone. I’ve made peace with it. And it came back, detail by detail and in such a fully rounded fashion, with its own direction and its own sense of completion, that it no longer makes me sad. What a sad story, I thought for so long. Not that I now think it was happy. But I think it is true, and thus the question of whether it is sad or happy has no meaning whatever.”

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One Response to The Reader

  1. cornelle says:

    Dis altyd bleddie sad as ons biblioteek nie sulke boeke op die rak het nie. Ek sal ‘n ball hê as ek die Leisure Reading seksie gehad het om op te top. HIer is wat ons van die skrywer het – as dit natuurlik dieselle persoon is: Grundrechte Staatsrecht II. Yippee. Sal maar boek by jou moet leen as ek weer daar draai.

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