Better late than never

It’s been a while since I’ve been here – luckily, with the uni hols now in full swing, I have TIME.  For those who haven’t seen my house yet, here are a few pics:


This was in summer.  At the moment it looks all miserable and dead! We’ve had such low temperatures (today the max temp is 9’C!) and lots of frost.  (Don’t laugh at the temperature, Karen, you know how hot it usually is…)


A view from my stoep:


Since Wilmarie and Michelle have been taking all the pictures of our weekends and get togethers, I’ll put them up as soon as I get it.  Here are a few pics of Maggie for now.  We took so many pics of Klara when we got her and somehow (poor second child 🙂 Maggie was somehow forgotten.  I’m making up for it now.


Imagine a high-pitched whine with this one and you’ll get an idea of her asking for many things at once (to please let her out the door, to please give attention, any attention and if all else fails to just please scratch her tummy).

maggie2 maggie3

maggie4 maggie5

A few of her favourite sleeping positions.  Looks comfortable, doesn’t it?

I also wanted to show you my new crochet project.  I want different seat covers for all my kitchen chairs and this will be the first – a crochet cover.  I want to finish painting the chairs first before I show you the whole picture, but here is the ‘during’:

seatcover1 seatcover3

Bit blurry, innit? Oh well, I’ll get pros to do the next round of pictures.

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One Response to Better late than never

  1. rialette says:

    Ou Moanie! Ek mis sommer daai twee bruin lyfies – warm bruin lyfies teen jou op die bank of bed!
    Hou baie van jou stoeloortreksel xr

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