The Great Escape

When Karen made a suggestion at school that the female staff should go on a little outing/camp, the response kinda overwhelmed her. 17 of us jumped at the chance to escape!

trip1Our first stop  on Friday afternoon was the padstal  in Humansdorp.

trip2We had lunch / coffee and cake and some retail therapy. The spicy chicken and potato salad was divine; good coffee too.

Then on to St Francis Marina – v posh!

trip3Hier is Chimene (wat nou Ma-hulle se bure is) en Roxanne net toe ons gearriveer het. Pragtige groot huis met baie badkamers (belangrik as jy 17 vrouens bymekaar is) en soos al die huise in die marina, in perfekte toestand met goed instandgehoude tuine…

trip4The main part of the house from the road’s side where the garage is. Most of the “girls” stayed here, while 5 of us stayed in the little extension:

trip5“Little” being a relative term of course: 4 beds, room for 1 on the floor and 2 bathrooms!

trip6The other side of the house! The part where the living area opens up on to a deck! With sun loungers! With a private little piece of beach! With our own little jetty! Facing the canal of course.

trip7The view from the deck across the canal. I’ve always wanted a private beach! And this one was JUST the right size for someone like me who is not much of a beach person!


Will bore you soon with more pics from the 24 hours of freedom! To be continued…

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One Response to The Great Escape

  1. cornelle says:

    Oh, for a few days with that private beach…

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