Japanese knot bags with an African twist

Bought some shweshwe for Japanese knot bags (like the ones I made for my book club’s Christmas presents).

Dark brown with little white daisies

Rooi kalbassies… pots on red with white and bit of yellow

The red buffalo

White pattern on red

I LOVE the logo on the back of the material.

Cut out 7 bags with Alta’s help.Started working on #1.

Vintage turquoise beads from Ouma Poppie’s doilie stash

I will probably add some sparklier (?) beads leftover from another project… will have to see what it looks like as I go on.

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2 Responses to Japanese knot bags with an African twist

  1. cornelle says:

    Ek is verlief op die Daisy Shweshwe. Dis vreeslik mooi. Waar’t jy die patroon vir die sakkies gekry?

  2. rialette says:

    Ek dink daai daisy was die laaste op die rol… Ayesha soek ook daarvan. Patroon was op iemand se blog lank lank gelede, dink dit was showyourworkings.wordpress.com – maar as jy “japanese knot bags” google is daar (natuurlik) duisende patrone. What would we DO without google?????

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