Tonteldoos Handmade & other

So, quite a few busy months behind me. I’ve started making some hats & scarves & wrist warmers & such for Rock a Billy – a store here that stock clothes (like Emily the Strange), shoes, comics, to name a few. They sure have some awesome bags. And I’ve been making up a few things for Hartklop. Go check out Elizma’s site – and if you’re in Bloem, be sure to remember her when you need some truly cool gifts.

So here are a few things I made – I’ll post some more pics soon:

For Hartklop on Mother’s Day.

Hartklop ladybug…

…and bear

One of the necklaces/headbands I made for Rock a Billy

And some wrist warmers.

I made some other stuff too – a crochet blanket for my mother-in-law (will have to take some pics of that to show you). My father-in-law immediately wanted one of his own, so I started out with this:

Of course, Maggie would not let me work on it without claiming some part of any blanket in our house:

And Klara claims the warm spot as soon as I get up for anything:

As you probably know, I went to Ghana for a short trip. The people there were awesome, the weather was great and I met some really cool people:

INSTI – where the workshop was held (sponsored by the CTA)

Some scenes from Accra beach:

Here you can see friend Yuda trying on a dress he bought for his girlfriend. I missed the best of the poses, unfortunately. We all agreed that cheap Indian whiskey was to blame for many of Yuda’s antics. That and the Star beer – potent stuff that.

And of course, we watched some awesome soccer. I went to the Paraguy-Slovakia game, then Bafana vs France (best ever), and then Germany vs England. We almost ran out of beer for that one … 🙂

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2 Responses to Tonteldoos Handmade & other

  1. rialette says:

    Ag daai beertjie is so cute, maar Klara en Megaggie is die cute-ste! Mis hulle!

    • Cornelle van Wyk says:

      Jy moet hulle sien die laaste paar weke wat ek baie by die huis is – lyk my hulle vergeet ek’s daar en as ek ewe skielik in die eetkamer inloop, word ek gegroet asof ek die hele dag weg was!

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