Baked goods

From a Saturday during the holiday … how I long for the holiday.

A bit boring? But wait, there’s more:

Ta-da! Show-stopper pink hearts and glitter from Adri’s Christmas present and cupcake mix and choc icing from Woolworths (I highly recommend their baking kits!).

Two little gift plates for the neighbours… as instructed by Ouma.

Baked some banana bread from Alta’s Wenresepte since we had lots of very ripe (i.e. black skinned) bananas. In new baking tins from Mr Price Home 🙂

Very tasty. Have frozen some – will see what it tastes like tomorrow (with custard I hope).

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2 Responses to Baked goods

  1. cornelle says:

    Dit lyk so lekker. Het julle toe custard gehad?

  2. rialette says:

    Nee, met koffie. Custard met broodpoeding vir middagete – dankie Ma!

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