WIPs and gifts

So here is the beginning of the charity blanket – it looks quite scratchy, actually. Oi.

On the softer side, here is a baby blanket I crocheted for my friend Helena:

Wrapped in this:

And then, my big WIP at the moment is the Cath Kidston inspired blanket kit I ordered from Sarah London. But I’ll reveal that in another post. Nothing mysterious, I just realised I only have pictures of the package and nothing else!

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One Response to WIPs and gifts

  1. rialette says:

    Jy gaan nog paar rye moet hekel voor die charity blankie na iets begin lyk. Myne begin nou eers vir my beter lyk – sal naweek foto’s neem. Daai 1ste foto van Helena se kombersie is beautiful en die packaging ook. Hoe ver is die Kidston projek?

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