So the inside of my whole house has been repainted recently (all white). My room has been rearranged. And this weekend I got rid of my wonky (but always flattering) mirror standing against the wall.

Ta-da! Much more grown-up. With thanks to Alta, who helped with the nail in the wall and hanging part. Sorry about the light quality of all the photos in this post – not much good light in PE at the moment and it is still dark quite early.

I can now see my whole outfit from top to bottom in one mirror!

Above, the next “before” picture. And below, the AFTER…

Is it awesome, or what!!!

It all started with a copy of O Magazine (August 2010 issue), which I don’t usually buy but received as part of a goodie bag at the Ladies’ Tea at Linkside. On page 8 next to the editorial letter was a picture and web address for walltatoos. Love the website, love the products – decided to take a chance and order one.

I ordered last Tuesday, 24 August and my order was confirmed almost immediately after payment. And today, one week later, it is on the wall!

Instructions and a little practice tattoo was sent along with my big design. All in all, it was fairly straightforward to apply, although a bit nerve-wrecking at times. This little trial one was definitely a good idea, though. It gives you an idea of how the whole process works before you attempt the real thing.

And bonus! I have a cute little red flower in the kitchen!

I was a bit nervous because the real thing was huge, much bigger than the little red flower. First we had to press the clear film onto the transfer. It took a while because of the design’s size.

Turns out the back end of a wooden clothes peg works the best! After carefully pulling the backing paper off, we positioned the image on the wall. The pulling off took some time too, because it took a little bit of time to realise we should not pull the backing up vertically. Also had to rerub the transfer at times because it stuck to the backing instead of the clear film. Nothing major, but a bit stressful. This part was the hardest of the whole process.

Then the best part: rub it on the wall and pulling the clear film off! Voila!

I love it! It looks almost painted on.

The whole process from opening the postage tube, the trial tattoo to the finished effect took me and Alta a little bit more than an hour. I won’t lie: we did stress a bit, but which DIY project doesn’t induce a bit of worry? At the end, we agreed: it wasn’t too difficult and we LIKE the result.

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3 Responses to Make-over!

  1. spacefiller says:

    I like this a lot. Well done!! Busy checking out the website trying to decide which one to order! Difficult with so many beautiful designs.

  2. cornelle says:

    Mmm… the daschunds are so tempting. 🙂 Your room looks ‘asem’.

  3. rialette says:

    Warning: it is a bit like real tattoos i.e. addictive. Am already wondering if I don’t need another one…

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