Road trip to Sedgefield

I was a bit grumpy on this Saturday morning when woken by 7. First a sms from Colyn, then a phone call from Willowmore with the news that Annie’s grandson is in jail (!) and when the chainsaw started at the back of Framesby High School… I arose.

Last Saturday I got up way earlier for something much more pleasant.

Free lift with Adri and Sunette to the Sedgefield market.

On the way there, we stopped at a little market just outside Knysna. It is under and around this enormous tree. I bought a beautiful pink lavender from this plant stall for only R20! (Saw some lavender plants for R49 in Spar today.)

We had some coffee and egg&bacon rolls for brekkie before buying some gifts and food (strawberries, pineapple juice, sweet pastries).

Wish I could buy some flowers from the amazing flower stall, but we still had some way to go.

We drove on to Sedgefield were there are two markets (food and craft) next to each other.

I liked that people brought their dogs to all these markets. We saw a lot of dogs, big and small. From an Elvis look-alike and other big ones including a dalmatian, to small sausage dogs and terriers.

You can read more about the Island Market here. We went food shopping first.

Fudge, cheese, more strawberries, oysters, bread, German processed meat, curry paste, samoosas, lemonade, nuts… what am I leaving out? Vegetables!

Leeks (Sunette made some for the braai last night at Adri’s).

Artichokes and

lots and lots of other veggies packed with flavour.

Some cool art around on signage and walls.

I’ll post more pictures next time!

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