Warning: Wool!

Don’t read any further if you are not interested (obsessed) with wool / knitting / crochet… it will be boring!

I met Martie at the Sedgefield craft market. During the week she spins wool at Old Nick (just outside Plett). Her husband is a sheep shearer and sometimes is paid in kind. She also buys directly from farmers.

She has some merino wool, not coloured, like the jerseys above that she has knitted.

So many choices… But the coloured angora wool was on special…

Martie’s hats are a bit… um, hippy but I love her wool and the colours she grouped together. Each skein was R20. Some of them was a bit more than 50g and some a bit less than 100g (my weighing – she goes by feeling).

Watter een gaan Cornelle kry? Enige voorstelle?

So, nommer 1, 2 of 3 vir Cornelle?

Ek het die 5de een al afgerol en weer opgerol… gaan ietsie probeer in kombinasie met ander wol. Watch this space.

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4 Responses to Warning: Wool!

  1. cornelle says:

    Nommer twee lyk baie interessant. Maar kies eers jou gunstelinge. Of mag ek nie self kies nie? 😉

  2. rialette says:

    Natuurlik kan jy kies! So is dit nr 2?

  3. cornelle says:

    Yes, please!

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