A bag for my sister

Well, Cornelle loves handbags. So, when my mom and I saw this one at a Christmas market at a local nursery, we knew she would like it. It’s made by Heather (chocolates for breakfast).

But after a trip (or should I say, ONE of her trips) to Little Angel, Cornelle decided that the bag would be perfect as a “project bag”. And it is!

A project bag is what you use to keep all the ingredients for your craft project together. It works well for crochet, knitting, embroidery, whatever. You can quickly bundle everything into your project bag and stash it away when you need the room to look neat. And when you are ready to work again, everything you need is in there (hopefully). Also it makes your project portable – important if you move between homes or home & work with your project.

And look how perfect this bag is for this with its little “baby” bag inside for scissors, buttons, needles, etc.!

Isn’t it the cutest itty bitty baggie? Cornelle bought the wool for a blanket for her bedroom. The colours link to her bedcover – AND TO THE BAG!

These colours will come together in a ripple blanket (based on this pattern). This is what it looked like a few days later:

Can’t wait to see final blankie on the bed in Bloem!

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