Creative friends

I’m blessed with friends who are creative and inspiring! It was Sunette (and Wesley)’s stork party today

and Adri made so many things that made me happy to see – and eat:

Marshmallows dipped in white chocolate

The cutest little owl

Chocolate apples as party favours to take home

Rice crispy cookies (and a pun – hoot!)

All shades of pink in beautiful glass, even the flowers:

And the ribbons and tags… sigh

So pretty

So yummy

One of the guests, Susan, who brought these divine marshmallow sweets, gave me the recipe. Will definitely try it!

Even the party games were stylish: you could win at baby bingo or…

if the ice cube in your drink melted quickly and your little baby doll was set free first, you had to yell: “My water broke!” to win the prize.

The end…

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One Response to Creative friends

  1. cornelle says:

    Love the ‘water broke’ game.

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