A broken arm & a broken heart

No, not me. My beloved Lucia. What will I do for the next 6 weeks? She’s a familiar constant in a crazy year. I have to admit, I feel a bit trapped. But, to cheer me up, I’ve picked a few photos to remind me of things I love – be prepared for sausage dogs!

Thrift finds at Desley’s in Bloem; cotton yarn; Mumford & Sons on the iPad … and the iPad, of course.

The spoiled ones…

This is THE place to nap. They will try and outsmart each other to get the spot. Decoys include running at full speed through the doggy door to make the other one think there is something outside, or pretending that they’ve seen either of us with food. I kid you not.

This cheered me up no end.

This was made for Elizma. Some other bits and pieces are on the way, but I’ll show them later.

Happy days: at a French festival; on Vida’s stoep; on my stoep.

Groomed spoiled ones.

Some crochet wrist warmers.

Maggie loves the wool blankets.


Right, now I think I’ll be able to come up with a plan for the next 6 weeks. Rialette, any rooms available at your place…?

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3 Responses to A broken arm & a broken heart

  1. rialette says:

    Hallooo, hier’s altyd ‘n kamer vir jou! Daai pics na die beauty palour is excellent – hair so pouffy en die strikkie is killer! Hou van die “skoner” look vir die blog 😉

  2. cornelle says:

    Ja wat. Het liberty gevat en jou Rhino foto’s gebruik vir die header – ek hou van die rooi, maar as jy ‘n ander foto daar wil hê, sê net.

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