Playing hooky

Instead of marking on Saturday morning, I played hooky…

Adri and I went to Ayesha’s and we had a second crochet together thingy. With coffee…

Adri is working on a little ripple blanket:

She is using Elle DK Family Knit leftovers from previous projects and I just love the way the colours work together. Look closer:

Ayesha is also working on a blanket for a little person. This is the granny square she started at our first creative get-together. It has grown some and these colours are just perfect for a little lady:

She is going to add an edge and some embellishments:

Aww, cute!

I worked on some wrist warmers (inspired by Cornelle’s pattern):

And then we had some chocolate cake in a cup… yum. Made in the microwave in 2 minutes, I kid you not. Very very good and luxurious. There was a secret ingredient…

Ayesha tried the ripple pattern (the very neat one from Lucy of Attic24 = the best ripple ever):

Do you notice the sun creeping in through the kitchen window? After a week of amazing, beautiful rain, it was bliss to feel sun on the skin again.

And then we had wine, chatting and crochet.

And then we had wine and chatting…

The gorgeous orchid on Ayesha’s sunny kitchen window sill.

A good way to spend part of my Saturday. I did do some marking later. No really I did. After a nap. And today I marked a LOT! I can see the end. I can do it!

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One Response to Playing hooky

  1. cornelle says:

    Looks great.

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