Exciting times

So Riaan and I have been cheering ourselves with lots and lots of retail therapy. It all started with an iPad… wait, I just have to mention that nothing we’ve bought have not been planned and investigated and thought about for more than just a couple of years! So, it all started with an iPad and swiftly moved on to the iMac. Me thinks it won’t be long before we have the full Apple suite in the house. The best cheering that I could possibly get, however, comes in the form of Akula laminate wood floors for our living and dining area:

Yes, by Thursday evening this is what our living and dining area floor will look like. By then we will also have a non-leaking roof in the living room and insulation on the ceiling throughout the house. When we insulated in the town house it halved our electricity bill! I doubt we’ll get that in the house, but it sure will make us greener and warmer. 🙂 I promise before and after photos – the camera is being charged as I type.

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One Response to Exciting times

  1. rialette says:

    Can’t wait to see it in person!

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