Lack of focus

I’m lacking focus – and it is great! The true sign of being on holiday: I can’t seem to focus on one thing, am just pottering around, spend hours doing… what? Not sure, but the last 2 days just spend by.

I am trying to focus on this blanket. You can trace its beginnings back to last year when I started it in September.

Once I started it, my mom (and dad!) liked the colours a lot and Alta asked if I could make it into a long, narrow blanket to be used to decorate the foot end of their bed. I was happy to oblige but then came summer and other activities, so production stopped for a while. Well it has been resumed and I want to finish this thing! So FOCUS!

The main colours used are School Navy, Denim, Stone and Soft Lime from Elle Family Knit DK.

The rest of the yarn is a mishmash: some of it is mohair I bought at the Sedgefield market, some of it is mohair without labels bought at the Cape Mohair sale, and then there are bits of Elle Paradise, Essence and Lussuria.

I was inspired by this blanket from Moxy Crochet – the colours and textures are so beautiful.

I have some ideas for my next blanket – but this one MUST be finished first. Now. Focus.

Only 9 blocks left after I spent the morning crocheting while watching Vampire Diaries:

Season 2 is excellent! Lotsa eye candy as usual… so many beautiful people in one town! Their hair! Their toned upper arms! And a plot that gallops along, unexpectedly killing off characters left and right…

No wonder my perspex crochet hook snapped! The tension was too much…

Focus: new hook – finish it!

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One Response to Lack of focus

  1. cornelle says:

    ‘the time you enjoy wasting is not time wasted’ -from somewhere

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