Besoek aan Bloem

A post about Bloemfontein AGAIN! Well, I did spend a lovely holiday there and the sky was so blue after two weeks of rain in PE.

One of the place we visited, was Emoya for lunch.

We met a cute but loud little piggy (“skree soos ‘n maer vark” het nuwe betekenis gekry).

Though we were at the coffee shop and restaurant, they have lots of accommodation. Including a shanty town with underfloor heating and DSTV! Kinda glamping it, I suppose.

Sunshine, blue sky – we ate our lunch outside. In the middle of winter. You have to love South Africa.

Our lunch companions included some ground squirrels, pigeons and other birdies, geese with babies and a duck with THIRTEEN yellow fluffy ducklings. Look carefully: you can see some there on the water!

The food was wonderful too!

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One Response to Besoek aan Bloem

  1. cornelle says:

    Oe, ek mis dit! Dit is darem net twee weke tot ek Baai toe kan gaan. Ek is bevrees dat ek wel die tyd hierdie keer gaan verbywens…

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