Birthday presents

Yes, like Cornelle mentioned in the previous post: I am blessed (hehe Riaan) to have my birthday on Women’s Day. And that is a precious gift. Whenever people start going on about how many public holidays we have in SA and that we should cut down on them and what use is Youth Day, Women’s Day… then I snarl and growl! Better not take Women’s Day away – IT IS MINE!!!!

Besides not going to work for 4 days, I received some awesome birthday presents:

Lunch at Vovo Telo on Monday and lunch at Cattle Baron on Tuesday (dankie Pa!)

Shopping with my sister …

A handbag that I’ve coveted (from Cornelle and Riaan) and a wallet that I needed (from Alta and Colyn)

A stunning cushion handmade by Adri

An orchid from Ouma Poppie

Scarf from Cornelle and Riaan

There were many more gifts, including such nice messages, good wishes and phone calls from far and wide. The gifts above are just the ones I managed to take pictures of (all iPhone pics, unedited).

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