Another PE visit

What a weekend! On the spur of the moment we went to PE for the weekend – twice in one month. Hooray. A 3AM Friday morning and plenty of road works to and fro has me so tired today, but I’m still stoked that we got to go. Now I just have to unscramble my hazy brain to go to a meeting…

Until then, I have some completed projects to show you. First off, the potholder teaser of a previous post.

With many more to come.

I’ve also been working on some items for Hartklop4D.


Children’s clothes hangers.

Baby hats.

Baby bunting. (Yes, I eventually realised I could turn off the date stamp on my camera.)

A few dummy holders.

And a kitty. The kitty scares me a bit, actually. This one has a very determined, Chucky-ish look about it…

So, to the nitty-gritty: for the potholders I’m using Crochet No. 5 in cream and various other colours. The hearts are made from an Elle Baby DK, as is the kitty. The clothes hangers are made from the softest acrylic I’ve ever come across (60% acrylic, 40% polyamide) by Sempati (Classic Softy). The baby hat is made from Elle Pure Gold DK in various colours and all the rest is made from Elle 100% cotton in DK and 4ply (for the dummy holders).

I’ve still got a few items to finish. Then I’ll start working on the Christmas table…

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2 Responses to Another PE visit

  1. cornelle says:

    I’ve just realised it’s not a kitty, but a bunny. Even worse!

  2. rialette says:

    Fearsome fighter bunny / kitty is very cute! Not Chucky-ish at all! Nice pics of bunting! I took almost no pics of weekend myself – just those in Narai Siam and they are veeeeeryyyyy bluuuuuurrrryyyy he he! Best part was having you here for Knit&Natter – or shall I say, Wine & Crochet????

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