Craft collective

So, my good friend Adri and I decided to try our hand at a Christmas craft market this year. The goals of this enterprise are as follows:

1. to have an excuse to try different patterns and things without fear that our own homes start resembling a crochet or craft explosion

2. to use up the stash of yarn, material, bits and bobs that accumulate in any crafter’s cupboard

3. to make some money to buy more yarn, material, bits and bobs that our hearts desire

However, we aren’t sure that we can produce enough stuff to cover a table at the market. This is why we have what I would like to call a “craft collective” – that’s like a “tuisnywerheid” in Afrikaans. Very fitting, since we are making stock at home and there are a few people who are helping us by contributing in different ways. At the moment, Cornelle has promised us some beautiful things which she will send (or deliver herself, fingers crossed) at the beginning of November. Then Alta (mother of Cornelle and Rialette) is also making some goodies and Adri has also set her mom to work. Voila! A CRAFT COLLECTIVE!

The pictures in today’s post are all from gift bags made for the Christmas market:

Six of the ten made so far by me and Alta.

Our Christmas stall’s name is Hand 2 Heart and you can check it out here and here.

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2 Responses to Craft collective

  1. cornelle says:

    Wow, die hartje hekel sample het jy so mooi gemak.

  2. cornelle says:


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