Wonky wonderful

About a month ago, we had a pottery session instead of a regular staff meeting. Well, most of us wished we could rather just go home – Friday afternoon and all. But the minute the group of about 30 teachers got their hands on some clay and started pounding it, the happiness level in the room went way up.

The way some teachers were chanting certain kids’ names while pounding clay with roller pins were a bit scary but as we settled down it was clear that a bit of creativity and a lot of laughter are the perfect antidotes to a week filled with stress. The coffee mug above is my colleague Nicole’s. She is newly graduated, great at sport and teaches Life Orientation – so much energy!

This is my creation 2 weeks later. Not gray anymore because it had been fired. Was very relieved that it didn’t explode in the kiln – we were warned that it could happen. As you can see my coffee mug was adapted to a little jug because I could not imagine drinking from the shape I managed to wrangle into being!

Marzanne made some knickknacks from leftover clay. She teaches Business subjects and runs the Creative Club – and she is the one who organised this activity.  During our second session, we painted our creations. With a type of underglaze, I think. I decided to stick with blues and greens – think it was Greek Blue and Sea Green.

It took quite a while to paint, because you hand to cover the clay in a few layers to ensure a deep colour. Then we handed it in to be glazed and fired for the final time.

This is Liz’s candle holder. Was fun to sit next to my fellow English teacher and end-of-year Grade 12 marking buddy and snigger at what the others were doing and saying.

And then, this week, our finished creations were dropped off at school. Almost all wonky, weird and wacky but wonderful. Mine does actually hold liquid and pours nicely. Think it would work well as a flowerpot. I have new respect for the ears of cups, mugs, jugs, etc. It is very hard to shape and attach an ear – for me anyway!

I just realised a few things again (I knew it before, but it is good to be reminded of them). It is good to try something new, creativity is a necessity, not everything has to be perfect and I am part of an amazing staff.

I know it’s a bit late but here are the books I read in August and loved:

Before I go to sleep -SJ Watson (Kindle – bought); Guilty Pleasures – Laurell K. Hamilton (Kindle); Last Scene Alive – Charlaine Harris; Curse of the Pogo Stick – Colin Cotteril; The perks of being a wallflower – Stephen Chbosky.

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  1. cornelle says:

    Simply love it! Wonky of te not.

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