Living the life creative

To quote Jane Brocket. Someone said to me the other day: I cannot imagine spending my time crocheting/knitting/making something. Well, I cannot imagine not creating something – all the time. I do feel that we’re all creative in our own way, not necessarily only while crafting or decorating or whatever you see as traditionally creative. Riaan is quite creative in finishing a video game too – or solving a problem at work. It’s just that people who say things like that are usually the ones who don’t even read: and are proud of it! Now I say: what do you do? How do you spend your time? Work, most of the time. I get it, my job takes up more hours of my day than anything else too. But what then? Do you just watch TV? Do you at least find joy in making food? (The person in question was met at a cooking class, so you would think so, but from what she said it sounded as if she didn’t really bother much with that either.) What gets to me is that someone can be so proud of … not doing anything, not making anything.

Okay, that’s my rant for the month. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

More to follow (as soon as I master the iPhoto-iCloud combo). I’ll leave you with an experiment – love the colours.

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One Response to Living the life creative

  1. rialette says:

    Kan nie imagine om nie te lees, tuin te werk of iets te maak met my hande nie. My idee van hel.

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