Ostrich (eggs, that is)

Here’s what I know about ostriches:

  • I am really afraid of them. True. Next to baboons, they are the wild animals I am sure to avoid. I like the graphic and iconic quality of ostriches – they are part of South Africa’s visual like aloes, proteas and windpompe. But I don’t like the real thing much. Those scary big nails and those mean beady eyes and those killer kicks. No thank you.
  • The little chicks are cute though. And I will never forget what an ostrich farmer once told me: “Baby ostriches are good Christians. They are always ready to go.” He was referring to how easily they die.
  • I don’t like their meat much. I have eaten an omelette (or rather part of it) made of 1 ostrich egg. I was small but I can still remember the excitement of the massive egg and eating it. Can’t remember what it tasted like, but the whole empty egg shells are truly amazing and beautiful.

So it was quite thrilling to break some ostrich eggs with some good friends and use them to mosaic wooden bowls.

The bowls are not completely finished yet – will remember to show the final results!

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2 Responses to Ostrich (eggs, that is)

  1. cornelle says:

    En daai Liewe Heksie tand wat uitsteek?!

  2. cornelle says:

    I also remember the ostrich egg – scrambled? At Ouma Poppie’s?

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