Christmas crackers

So I saved some empty toiletrolls because I wanted to make some crackers for Christmas lunch myself.

The other ingredients were one drop of a set of curtains that were taken down a few years ago, some leftover chocolate balls and stars (leftover from other gift packages) and a few (cheap) silly things I bought at JA’s.

First things had to be evenly shared out between 8 guests. No silly hats but what would a Christmas cracker be without a silly and preferably annoying whistle? But look closer:

Tee hee.

I cut very sloppy squares from the old curtain – feeling so virtuous and green since I’m recycling here.

Stuffed the rolls with the bits and bobs and rolled them up in the material.

An extra hand would have helped at this point, but I made do with a peg or 2. Tied the ends with red ribbon bought when the a little habberdashery shop closed more than a year ago – 20c for 30m of ribbon!

Ta-dah! A quick project – about an hour – and it will look good on the table as part of our decorations.


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