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Life just seems to speed by in a blur. But there have been some good things since the school term started a month and a half ago. Breakfast (French toast) with a friend to celebrate a milestone birthday. The last … Continue reading

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Courtyard makeover

  Summer is here and I’ve had a mini-makeover for my courtyard. Removed all the plants and pots except a pair of geraniums, a bougainvillea and a few succulents. Added a little table and two chairs I brought as a … Continue reading

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Christmas crackers

So I saved some empty toiletrolls because I wanted to make some crackers for Christmas lunch myself. The other ingredients were one drop of a set of curtains that were taken down a few years ago, some leftover chocolate balls … Continue reading

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Summer Sunday

We had a beautiful Sunday – sun, light light breeze, blue sky with puffy white clouds. And it lasted the whole day. Of course, we paid for it today: very very windy Monday. But sitting in the garden on Sunday … Continue reading

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Ostrich (eggs, that is)

Here’s what I know about ostriches: I am really afraid of them. True. Next to baboons, they are the wild animals I am sure to avoid. I like the graphic and iconic quality of ostriches – they are part of … Continue reading



I have been a little bit absent from the blog… There are many reasons – most of them boring! But one of them had a bit of beauty attached. I visited the Eastern Cape town of Somerset East for the … Continue reading

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Wonky wonderful

About a month ago, we had a pottery session instead of a regular staff meeting. Well, most of us wished we could rather just go home – Friday afternoon and all. But the minute the group of about 30 teachers … Continue reading

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